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DHD: Caleb Freeman, NBA & China, Thunder thoughts, Sending Celebration, DeYoung on Luke, Walker at the fair

DHD: Caleb Freeman, NBA & China, Thunder thoughts, Sending Celebration, DeYoung on Luke, Walker at the fair


It’s a super-fast edition of DHD this week. By the time many of you are reading this, I will be in St. Louis, visiting family for an extended weekend. I’m writing earlier than usual and not as long.

1. Caleb’s first race

The Baptist Messenger has been keeping up with Caleb Freeman’s progress since his major accident in Dec. 2017, which resulted in Caleb suffering from severe brain injuries. The last article the Messenger featured was on Caleb being honored at an OU basketball game, earlier this year. But do a search for Caleb Freeman on to read all the reports.

Earlier this week, Caleb ran a 5K with his track teammates from Newcastle High School. Multiple news reports covered his accomplishment. It also was featured on NBC Nightly News. More updates can be found on the Pray for Caleb Facebook page.

Praise God for what He is doing through Caleb’s life!

2. NBA and China

I told you I was going to be fast. So here’s my take on the NBA-China issue. I support Houston Rockets G.M. Daryl Morey’s tweet message. Apparently, I’m not alone because political leaders on both sides of the aisle are also speaking in support of Hong Kong. Check out this article by Josh Wester to get a great summary.

3. Thunder thoughts

I’m working a Thunder game tonight (Thurs., Oct. 10), but what I’ve seen of the Thunder so far is interesting. In a brief summary, the team is not as flashy but appears to be competitive. Of course, who knows how long Chris Paul and other current Thunder players will be on the roster later this season.

I’m sure I will say more later.

4. IMB Sending Celebration

I wrote an article for the Oct. 17 edition of the Baptist Messenger about the International Mission Board Sending Celebration that will be at Oklahoma City, Quail Springs Nov. 12. Be on the lookout for it.

Save the date for that November Tuesday night!

5. DeYoung on Luke

I read a great commentary by Kevin DeYoung on Luke being an evangelist to the rich. It’s a great perspective. Check it out here.

6. Walker at the fair

Walker Moore, longtime columnist for the Messenger, offered a great chronological breakdown of one of his days serving as a chaplain at the Tulsa State Fair. It’s a great read!

Check out Rite of passage: Here to serve

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