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What’s your calling? This a very “Christian way” to ask how you participate in the work that God is already doing in this world.

I ask this question regularly, and most of the time the only response is, “I don’t know.” It seems strange that we still struggle with this because we’ve taken spiritual gift tests, been to seminars or had a pastor help us get “plugged in” at our local church.

In spite of all of these things, many people still just don’t know where they fit in.

Perhaps I was lucky when it comes to this. I’ve always been a talker and a writer, so talking and writing about God was an easy match. It also helped that I had no other skill to fall back on, if this course of action did not bear fruit.

It’s possible that the ease with which I found a way to be a part of God’s work has some implications to those who are struggling. God wants you to do what you enjoy doing. Although that advice is simple, I do think I might be able to be even more helpful.

As I thought longer about this, I realized that, although I do love to teach and write, those are simply the gateways to do something I find even more fulfilling. The way I serve God the most is by helping people see God more fully.

My vocation isn’t my calling. However, it does allow me the opportunity to get one-on-one time with someone and to help them move forward in their life.  It would be easy for me to sit in my office studying and writing all day without talking to anyone. The real joy doesn’t come from the sermon I preach or some article I write. The real joy comes from talking with someone, anyone about why I love God so much.

Using your gift to find your place in the church isn’t your ultimate calling. Loving those around you with the love of God is.

Perhaps we have made it so complicated because everyone thinks they need to find that one thing, that one area of ministry, so that they can serve God with their full potential. Yes, it is great if you find your niche, but it’s even greater if you just love those around you.

Oftentimes we tell someone that if they are good at budgeting then help the church budget their money or teach a class on godly finances. There is some truth to such advice, but what about those who don’t like their jobs and are not really sure what they are good at?

I do think this is one of the areas where we have painted with too small a brush. Your calling is the same as mine. My main calling is not to be a preacher—I know this because eventually I will retire—but I know I still have a calling on my life.

My vocation does not define me. My calling is to love God and to love my neighbor. If you want to figure out how to serve better, start by loving people better. Be more patient, kinder, more generous. As you do these things, talk to friends and coworkers about your love for God. Then your words and actions will combine to be a beautiful light in the darkness.

This is the calling we all have on our lives, and if you are able to be more specific then great! If not, that does not make you less important to the Kingdom.