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I have gone back and forth on what this week’s DHD should discuss.

There’s a lot of current issues of which I could give commentary. I’ve also read some great articles, thought-provoking pieces that I would love to share.

Lastly, I participated in an impactful two-day event earlier this week—the Annual Meeting of Oklahoma Baptists, which included an excellent pastor’s conference and a moving, crowd-drawing Sending Celebration of international missionaries—and I could give a great report on all that occurred.

Instead of delving into all of this blog fodder, I decided to break down a powerful interview that Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles gave.

Even while penalties and punishments are being reported from the Miles Garrett incident, I will shed some positive light, even the Gospel light, through another NFL player who is about to return to the gridiron this Sunday after suffering a collarbone injury during the first week of the season.

Check out what Nick Foles said after a reporter asked him about his Christian faith:

1. ‘I’m going to glorify You in every action, good or bad.’

Nick shares his version of “If we win we praise Him, and if we lose we praise Him,” the phrase that was made famous in the movie Facing the Giants.

2. ‘I can still have joy in injury’

This is a key comment because Nick knew it would not be easy for people to understand. He even followed up with admitting that it sounds crazy, but the only people who can get what he means are those who have Jesus in their lives.

3. ‘I didn’t need that trophy to define who I was’

This is another puzzling statement. He talked about winning the Super Bowl when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the ultimate moment of success for any professional football player, and Nick downplays it. He even gives a plea to that player who doesn’t have Jesus in his life who is pursuing similar success and can’t find contentment when he lays down at night.

4. ‘My purpose isn’t football; it’s impacting people’

Many believe that sharing the Gospel is for people in full-time ministry. With this comment, Nick squelches that concept. All Christians are giving the charge to share the Gospel throughout the world, regardless of our occupation. I was encouraged to hear Nick say that the locker room is his ministry, even while he was injured.

5. ‘I don’t believe in the prosperity gospel’

Whoa Nick! Now he’s stepping on some toes here! And I love it. Nick shared more truth about the Bible in this small segment than what many televangelists preach. The Bible does speak about trials that help you grow in your faith (James 1:2-3).

6. Going against Frank Reich

I’m glad Nick mentioned Frank Reich, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Frank also has a great testimony, and Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra shared his story how he once was a seminary president before becoming an NFL head coach.

Take heart, my friends! God is still moving today, even in the NFL.