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It’s extremely difficult to be a girl, especially a teenage girl. So many people try to tell them who they are. What they’re worth. Where they fit in. And in all that, they are trying to discern God’s purpose for their life and if that’s even worth following.

It’s difficult. Especially when there is girl drama, mean-girl issues, a mom who they feel doesn’t understand them – and that’s just girls! Boys can add a whole new level of insecurities and drama into their life. No wonder it’s hard for them to listen to God’s voice and His alone. There are so many other voices out there trying to get their attention.

And then there are the mothers of these teenage girls . . .

God is a relational God, and He wants mothers and daughters to be united, communicating, and on the same page.

In The Same Page, my co-author Shauna Pilgreen and I have written a fanciful tale for mothers and daughters.  The purpose is to provide a tool to restore relationships, open up doors of communication, and for women of all ages to realize they are seen by the King, El-Roi. The Same Page is a flipbook where the same story is told from two different points of view. You can open the book and read the daughter’s perspective or flip it over and read the same story from the mom’s point of view. They literally and figuratively finally arrive on the same page. There are also journal questions for moms and daughters to answer separately and hopefully discuss their answers together.

Sometimes we need a reason to sit down with our daughter or mom and ask questions we have always wanted to know about one another. The Same Page can help you do just that and help you begin to live your happily ever after.

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