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I experienced my first “fire” at work a few weeks back (figuratively speaking). I created the fire and immediately called for help. I sought guidance as to how to handle the situation and to find a way to right my wrong. I would like to say that it was a quick-fix, but fires usually don’t work that way. There was a little bit of waiting and a lot of praying; asking God to help the situation be fixed.

I had a big blunder in one of my articles that is scheduled to be printed in this week’s paper. When seeking guidance, I thought I could fix it before it had been sent to the printer; however, by the time I found the mistake the paper had been received by the printing company almost 45 minutes before.

As I tried to get in contact with the printer, all I could do was wait.

And pray.

And wait.

(Here is where God makes Himself known) When the printing company called back, the paper, which typically goes to print as soon as it is submitted, had not started printing. Why? Because there was a problem on their end (a God-sized one I suspect). They were gracious and allowed us to resubmit my article and the fire was out before anyone else had even smelt smoke!

<strong>Application:</strong> God designed us to bring Him glory. After a busy week with more responsibility it would have been easy to feel good about what <em>ANNIE</em> had done this week. Instead, I am finishing the week remembering what <em>GOD</em> has done for me this week. His hand is at work even when we do not acknowledge it, and it is our choice to give Him the glory, or to take the praise for ourselves. Pray for God to make Himself known, expect Him to make a God-sized impact in your life, and then wait for God to reveal His plan to you. When He follows through, give Him all the glory.