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“Show me how big your brave is” –Sara Bareilles

Last week in New Mexico, the state Supreme Court ruled that the Huguenins, a Christian husband and wife photography team, had “violated the state’s Human Rights Act” because they refused to photograph a same-sex “commitment ceremony.”

Keep in mind same sex marriage is not legal in New Mexico. To read the whole story visit here.

The penalty for refusing to photograph the ceremony was thousands of dollars in fines.  The justice who heard their case had these horrifying words to say: “The Huguenins today can no more turn away customers on the basis of their sexual orientation — photographing a same-sex marriage ceremony — than they could refuse to photograph African-Americans or Muslims.” He then continued to say that the photographers are now “compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives.”

This statement by a judge simply breaks my heart.  When did being a Christian become equal to letting others dictate our beliefs?  Why should I, in this land of religious freedom, have to go against biblical teachings or potentially be fined?  Why should the Huguenins (or anyone else) be forced into acceptance?

What happened to protecting my rights as a Christian?  Why am I being forced to compromise on something that is quite clearly a violation of my belief?  At what point did I get forced into choosing my faith or a livelihood?

I grew up being taught that I can do anything, be anything and to stand up for what I believe is wrong based on the Bible.  I want to be the best possible person God created me to be.  I want to stand up for my beliefs without backlash or having to panic at possibly offending someone.  At the end of my life I don’t want to be empty or wish that I had been brave enough to speak up for something that I thought was right.

I never want to walk away from a situation because I wasn’t brave enough to stand up for my beliefs.   Loving people does not have to mean letting your Christianity take a back seat.