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“Look at me! Look at me!  Look at me!” my four-year-old says at the top of her lungs without “officially” using her outside voice (as we like to call it.)  As my husband and I are frantically trying to get all the things we need to accomplish for the day, our daughter is desperately seeking our attention.  She wants to know we see her.

You know, girls do not change much with age.  I see a teenage girl dressed to show every curve she has. “Look at me!” she screams internally.  This teenage girl wants to be seen; she wants attention.  Sometimes any type of attention will do.

I see a beautiful young lady looking in the mirror and hating her reflection.  As she picks apart every part of her body, I can almost hear her say, “Look at me!  Does anyone see me?  Does anyone care to give me attention?”

And then I see a young lady who is about to give up her innocence to a guy who doesn’t appreciate who God has created her to be.  She says quietly, “He notices me, and it feels good to receive attention.”

God’s word says that the enemy prowls around like a lion waiting to devour.  One of His targets: God’s daughters, God’s masterpieces.

Satan knows the value that females have.  They are created in the image of God; they reflect the heart of God; and God wants to use them to do great and mighty thing for His name. But if we have a generation of young ladies who do not like who they are, they are screaming inside, dying to be noticed, to be seen, then the end goal is something that is unreachable.

If you are a godly woman who understands your worth in Christ, you can help other ladies discover the beauty that they already behold!  My prayer is that young ladies will discover that they are worthy, they have value and purpose, they are seen, they are noticed.  We will see a revival breakout among our young people, and it will spread like a wild fire to women of all ages.

So what have you done today to help accomplish this goal?  Have you prayed for our young women?  Have you spoken truth to a girl today of who she is in Jesus Christ?  What part would our Heavenly Father ask you to play in the life of one His daughters?

As for you . . . God sees you.  He notices you.  You have His full attention.  Now, go.  Walk in confidence because Jesus knows you by name and is walking before you, behind you and is with you.  You have His attention because you are His creation!