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The happiest place on earth!  Yes, you guessed it, we just returned from a family vacation to Disney World.  Even though I am exhausted and my feet will never be the same, it was truly a week with my family that I will always remember!

My 4-year-old daughter dressed up as one of the Disney Princesses and stood in line for hours to meet them personally and obtain autographs from them. If you don’t know this, Disney Princesses are celebrities, especially in the eyes of little girls.

But what was amazing to me is that I saw several teenage girls, with tiaras on, traveling back to when they were little, with dreams and wishes in their hearts. I couldn’t help but wonder how many teenage girls are out there with no dreams or visions in their hearts.

God tells us that without vision the people will perish. As you walk the streets of The Magic Kingdom you continually hear, “when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.  When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”  So, I don’t know how exactly theologically accurate this is, but I do know that we all have the privilege and can worship and have a relationship with the King of Kings, the creator of the universe, the all-mighty, all-knowing God. It doesn’t matter who you are because, according to scripture, we are all made in His image and are His children and creation.

If you choose to enter into this “magical relationship” and truly feel like a princess (not just a Disney princess, but a true princess that is known fully by Her creator) then your answer just simply needs to be yes!  Now, knowing all this, who needs stars to wish upon?

Heck, we can talk, walk, and have an intimate relationship with the One who holds everything together. And this includes the stars that millions are wishing upon on a daily basis.