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Do you ever face moments when you feel like you have more questions than answers? Or do you have moments when you have one question, but that answer sparks more questions?

I am in this place. A place where all my questions seem to revolve around the future. I can’t tell you what I’m cooking for dinner tonight let alone answers to the future five days, months or even years from now.

Yet, in the midst of my confusion God has brought some clarity.

My calling isn’t circumstantial.

God has called His people to several things, and He has given more specific dreams to few. I am blessed to be one of the few who has been given a specific direction by God. Don’t let that statement fool you. I’m not saying I have it all figured out. I don’t. He hasn’t revealed the bigger picture, yet. But I’ve realized that the dream He has given me and the passions He has filled me with do not change based on my ever-changing circumstances.

God has called me to be obedient in the midst of my circumstances.

I struggle with this idea. My husband would tell you I am a Type-A personality. I like my chicks in a row before they hatch, so to say. But life rarely (okay, very rarely) happens that way. But I have come to rest in the revelation of a future dream by tending to the present passions that He has given me.

I’m learning that it is not about rushing to find my own way to accomplish His purpose. However, my job is to grow my passions, talents and even areas of weakness that will better equip me for His plan. And I can do that while I wait. In fact, I think that is my purpose while I wait. To do what I can with the resources and tools He has provided for me to be prepared when God says, “Go.”

This week, ask yourself. Do you walk in faith and ask God to bless your steps, or do you wait for God to bless your steps before you walk by faith?