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I watched the recent season of “Dancing With The Stars.” If you want to take away my “man card” for doing such, feel free. Considering how busy the schedules both my wife and I have, the time we can spend together, even if it involves watching meaningless entertainment, I consider priceless.

This season of DWTS featured Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame. I’ve been known on Word Slingers to share my commentary on the reality TV show that you can read here and here.

Sadie is the 17-year-old daughter of Willie Robertson, lead character in “Duck Dynasty.” Those who have watched the show regularly have watched her grow up into a very mature Christian young lady. Her faith definitely was shown throughout DWTS.

She reminded me of Queen Esther. Placed in a rather secular environment with no expectations of influence for God, Sadie made a strong presence. The show allowed her to express her faith. They emphasized how she would pray with her family and her dancing partner before every show. They did not make light of her wishes to be shown modestly and with a sense of purity.

*SPOILER* Consider the fact that Sadie had no dancing background nor professional training prior to the show, and the girl finished as the runner-up. She may have made the greatest impact of any non-winner in the show’s 10-year history.

I hope this is the beginning for her. I know she has been involved in other Christian ministries, and this experience for her, God willing, could expand her mission opportunities. The list is short for godly role models for teenage girls. And when one comes around, the star seems to intentionally damage her reputation. May this never happen for Sadie.

God bless you, Sadie! I know your strong family roots and your consistency to show kindness will help you be faithful in sharing the Gospel to many who need to hear its powerful message.

Who knows, perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14b