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We’re ending the week with another edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen. Here’s my thoughts on six current topics:

1. Rob Bell

This guy is a mess. I am confused with what he thinks Christianity is. I guess he believes it’s whatever offers positivity vibes and would be accepted in today’s culture. But at times, I think he enjoys being controversial too. He proved both aspects when he had his talk with Oprah and said the church is “moments away” from accepting so-called same-sex marriage.

“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to right teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever they want to hear. They will reject the truth and follow strange myths” (II Tim. 4:3-4 NLT).

The Apostle Paul spoke the truth when he shared this forewarning. Matt Moore gives an excellent response to Bell’s remarks about the church.

2. OKC Thunder mega-trade

Yesterday was a crazy day for NBA fans and especially for Thunder fans with the league’s trade deadline being observed. Within the final half hour, the Thunder traded Kendrick Perkins and Reggie Jackson and got multiple players who gave the team a much better outlook for not only making the playoffs but possibly advancing pretty far.

Both Perkins and Jackson were contributors to the Thunder’s success in recent years, but they both were a concern this season. Actually, Perkins has shown progress since he was no longer the regular starting center, and I thought he would be in a good position for the Thunder to re-sign for maybe a two-year contract with a much lower salary.

Jackson had his moments early this season, and I was beginning to think, with the Thunder looking healthier, playing better and now having more promise to make the playoffs, issues between Jackson and the team could smooth themselves out by the end of the season.

Neither scenarios came to pass, but it appears these two players leave with opposite regards from the team and most fans. Perk has some flaws, but he demonstrated loyalty to the team, even after he found out he was traded, giving a shout-out on Twitter to Oklahoma City and his Thunder teammates. Jackson leaves with a bitter taste, and even more reports are surfacing about how he had major clashes with the Thunder.

“Choose a good reputation over great riches, for being held in high esteem is better than having silver or gold” (Prov. 22:1 NLT).

3. ISIS beheading Christians

I don’t know if anybody pointed this out, but I thought it was quite interesting that within a two-week span of President Obama attempting to point out historic flaws that occurred in the name of Christianity as a justification for what ISIS represents of the Muslim world, the video was released of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.

I can’t add any more than what well-known Christian leaders have already said, including Franklin Graham and Richard Land. But Brian Hobbs gives a great perspective.

4. Brian Williams

So much has been said, mostly in jest, about Brian Williams’ false report about his coverage of the war in Iraq. But there have been many unfortunate results in the aftermath, including his six-month suspension (which I think will become a permanent dismissal) and the postponement of his daughter’s wedding.

Once again we see how a “little sin” can turn into much greater unexpected consequences. It is a humbling reminder for myself.

And once again, I refer to Brian Hobbs and a powerful prayer he shares on Brian Williams’ behalf.

5. Exposure on upcoming BGCO conference

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma is hosting a valuable conference March 9-10 at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. The Communications Team, of which I am a member, has been promoting this event because we know it will reveal important information and discussions about an issue that needs to be addressed in today’s churches.

I already mentioned an element of the issue in my first point of DHD – so-called “same-sex marriage.” The overall issue could be described as a rapidly growing perspective of sexuality and how the church and Christians need to respond.

An independent publication plans to report about the conference and asked for comments from BGCO about it. Here’s a statement that was submitted:

“The BGCO’s upcoming conference on ‘The Gospel, Sexuality and the Church’ was specifically designed with Baptist pastors and ministers in mind. The event, which requires paid registration, is creating interest among church lay people and others, as well, who may register. In bringing well-known voices like Dr. (Albert) Mohler and Dr. (Russell) Moore to Oklahoma, as well as local ministry leaders for the breakout topics, we believe this event will equip Christians to speak and relate well to people around us with biblical clarity. Our hope is to lead our churches and their members to embrace biblical standards of sexuality and respond to others, including those who may disagree with us, with kindness and conviction.”

I will be curious to hear how the publication presents its own take on the conference.

6. McFarland, USA

I end this week’s DHD with a movie I’m curious about seeing, possibly this weekend. Kevin Costner stars in McFarland, USA as a high school track coach who leads a team of young Latino Americans in California. It’s based on a true story, and I like what I have read so far about the film.

It’s rated PG and seems to have a similar feel to movies like Million Dollar Arm and When the Game Stands Tall. That’s all I have right now on the show, so stay tuned as I may have a review about it next week.