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Encouragement is an easy, selfless act anyone can do.

Encouragement comes from a heart of love. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 we receive the instruction “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.” Here are 25 ways to encourage people around you.

1. Give a sincere compliment.
2. Flowers. Store bought or picked on the side of the road.
3. Lend a helping hand.
4. Send a card in the mail letting someone know you’re thinking of them.
5. Bake something and share. Who doesn’t love a fresh chocolate chip cookie?
6. Give a hug. Studies have shown that hugs lower blood pressure and can heighten your sense of belonging.
7. Pass along a book that changed you.
8. Thank someone. Many people work in thankless jobs (store clerks, teller at the bank, grocery store bagger, church custodian, etc,) let them know you are grateful for their help.
9. When you are introducing someone, share a few words about a talent or gift they have.
10. Celebrate accomplishments. Large or small.
11. Write a letter or email to someone’s boss. Did you receive exceptional service somewhere? Let the boss/owner know how pleased you were.
12. Tell someone how they encourage you.
13. Mow a yard. Rake some leaves.
14. Help a friend move. Rarely are people excited to move, but the daunting task of hauling boxes to the truck is always easier with more hands.
15. Make a meal. Know of someone who could use the night off?
16. Volunteer to watch kids. Let parents have a date night or the ability to go grocery shopping sans children.
17. Pray with someone immediately when they share a need.
18. Use social media to pass along thoughtful words.
19. Listen. Sit down with a friend for a glass of tea and let them talk.
20. Be a bingo caller. Nursing homes are filled with people who have very few visitors. Go spend time with the elderly doing an activity like calling for bingo.
21. Volunteer. This almost turns into a selfish act because of how amazing you feel at the end of assisting. Make a difference with Special Olympics, the local food bank, or homeless shelter.
22. During your quiet time lift friends up in prayer.
23. Send someone serving in the military a care package.
24. Praise a parent.
25. Buy something for someone else. Pay for someone’s gas. Buy the person’s groceries in front of you.

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness!” Psalm 100:1. What is your favorite way to encourage someone?