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It was a full week, yet again. Half of my topics this week involved my experience at the Good News Festival with Franklin Graham last weekend. I also throw in a reminder to go see a movie that is released this weekend. But my first two share important articles by two men who have great perspectives on some hot issues. Let’s get to it.

  1. Stetzer gives great thoughts on Ashley Madison issue

Ed Stetzer did a masterful job responding to this major issue involving the Ashley Madison website, revealing more than 30 million people who used the site to have sexual affairs.

I recommend all three of his posts on the Christianity Today website which include:

One of the many profound things he shares is he estimates 400 church leaders will be stepping down this Sunday. If you don’t know Ed Stetzer, the man does thorough research and doesn’t make such projections without legitimate support.

But he does more than make alarming projections. All three pieces are excellent and will help anybody who is or could struggle with hearing heavy, disappointing news. He even gives constructive advice for those who were caught.

  1. Trevin tackles callousness on abortion

Trevin Wax gives an excellent take on the public response to the Planned Parenthood video expose. Read his piece The Shrug That Scares Me to Death.

I was speaking to a friend about what Wax addresses the day before his story was released. I said we need to figure out how to penetrate the callousness people have about abortion.

There has to be a way to melt this hardness, this gloss, this unwillingness to admit that what Planned Parenthood is doing is the equivalent to what the Nazis did to the Jews, to what even early Americans did with the practice of slavery. It is the ultimate mistreatment of human life at the earliest stages for the sake of convenience or for even a horrible, disgusting sense of pride.

It’s not a defense for women’s health. Sensible people are aware of how those uncommon situations can be handled with the advancement of medicine and care.

It’s not for fear of going back to backroom practices. Though it’s unfortunate that more babies are born out of wedlock, this acceptance in society has rid that aspect of shame today. Plus, with more pregnancy centers available, women facing unplanned pregnancies can receive excellent guidance and support.

So here’s my conclusion. Pray, my fellow supporters of sanctity of life, for the softening of hearts, and keep this topic at the forefront. It cannot be “old news.” It needs to be discussed often.

  1. Great experience at Good News Festival

Last weekend, I participated as a counselor at the Good News Festival with Franklin Graham at Chesapeake Energy Arena. To sum up, it exceeded my expectations. I will elaborate more as this week’s DHD continues, but the greatest thing I experienced was sharing the Gospel with two new believers.

On Saturday night, I was paired up with Kyle, a 24-year-old who has been married for less than a year. His wife Kat also made a profession of faith that night, and they are expecting their first child this December. I pray both of them will grow in their faith and will be a godly influence for their daughter.

On Sunday night, I met with Sam, a 67-year-old retired state trooper. At first, Sam came across as a hard soul, but the more we talked the more I realized my first impression of him was incorrect. He was so receptive to the Gospel as I was sharing with him. I made a follow-up call to Sam the next day, and he treated me as if we were longtime friends. I also pray for Sam and his Christian walk.

  1. A great word from Governor Fallin

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin spoke during the Sunday session of the Festival. She made many official proclamations which included proclaiming Graham an honorary citizen of Oklahoma.

Fallin also shared her experience of attending the 2003 Billy Graham Crusade in Oklahoma City with two of her children. She said both of them, as teenagers, responded during the time of invitation and made life-changing decisions. “I can’t tell you how special that felt to me in my heart,” she said.

The Governor also expressed her faith in Christ, “The most important thing about me is I love God. And I’m a Christian. And I’m not scared to say I am.

“I’m not scared to walk my faith,” she said. “And my faith does play a role in the decisions that I make. I do seek God’s wisdom, God’s discernment, God’s grace, God’s forgiveness, in all the decisions that we make on behalf of the state of Oklahoma and certainly as our nation. I know you’re here today because you want to do the same.”

  1. Historic aspects of the Grahams visiting OKC

As many know, this isn’t the first time Oklahoma City has hosted an event featuring a Graham. On three previous occasions, a Billy Graham Crusade came to OKC in 1956, 1983 and 2003. There have been many lives changed at all three events.

For me, there is something even more special about the 1956 crusade. My father accepted Christ during one of those meetings. Those who knew my father knew he was not an outspoken man. In a public setting, many would not even be aware if dad were present. But in private, one-on-one experiences, Dad would be a great encourager. He was a master at personal discipleship.

And he had great spiritual mentors, including Jack Humphreys and Gene Warr. What’s so fascinating about Humphreys, Warr and the 1956 Billy Graham Crusade is I found an article written by Bob Nigh, my co-worker and managing editor of the Baptist Messenger, in 2003 titled “A life transformed by 1956 OKC Graham Crusade.” The article is about Humphreys, but Warr is also mentioned, along with Charlie Riggs who my dad also held in high regard.

All four men, Jack Humphreys, Gene Warr, Charlie Riggs and my father, Mack Doyle have passed away, but their lives were well-spent in serving God and furthering His Kingdom.

  1. Go see War Room!

Today is the opening of the Christian movie War Room. You should go see it. I can assure you, there is not another movie out right now that would bless, inspire, and encourage you in your Christian walk than this movie.

I did write a review a few months ago. You can read it here.

Please go see it, and if you do, let me know what you thought about it.