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School has started, the temps are cooler, and I no longer wear Crocs. Instead, I now sport the trendy Choco sandals. That sums up the important occurrences for the week. Let’s get to the topics.

  1. Redacting Reshef’s Rhetoric

The Oklahoman published an editorial by Dr. Eli Reshef earlier this week, showing his support of Planned Parenthood. At first, I was going to do some major correcting of his piece. I wasn’t halfway through and surpassed 500 words. If this were the only topic I would cover this week, I’d kept going, but there are other issues I want to address. Instead, I will briefly sum up.

Reshef incorrectly accuses Sen. James Lankford of attacking millions of American women when Lankford gave his speech on the Senate floor about PP. Read through the script of his speech and you can see he doesn’t lay blame on women who may not know their aborted children are being used in research. Lankford also conveys understanding for a mom who may not be able to pay for an abortion, though not supporting the decision.

Lankford also has done extra effort to show how incredibly important funding for women’s health is when he was a part of many U.S. Senators who presented a bill that would redirect funding from PP to other entities that provide women’s health care services.

Reshef also gives a weak argument about PP having better provisions than community health centers. It’s weak because he doesn’t provide any substantial evidence.

Probably the most foolish thing Reshef does is ask a question about the location of health care clinics in the Oklahoma City area. After doing a quick search on, I found a list of 22 health care clinics within a 25-mile radius of downtown Oklahoma City.

I am glad that Reshef acknowledges the fact PP is involved in “controversial practices.” The video that was released this week reveals PP sells intact body parts of babies proven to have beating hearts after removed from their mothers’ wombs. This would not only confirm PP to be controversial but could also declare what PP does is the most inhumane demonstration of brutal murder.

In light of this and other revelations of PP, Reshef should be ashamed of supporting an organization that has been proven to be instrumental in this culture of death.

  1. Are you a decent person?

If you think I was hard on Dr. Reshef, imagine how Matt Walsh would respond to his editorial. If you haven’t read Walsh’s piece “If You Still Support Planned Parenthood You Are Simply Not a Decent Person,” prepare for some very blunt language if you do.

Walsh does not hold back punches as he offers commentary on the recent PP video. Those who disagree with him, I would challenge you to take on his topic at hand and not observe the typical avoidance tactic of so many PP supporters with the “war on women” fallacies. If you cannot directly address the issue of babies being ripped out of wombs and sold for parts, you are a coward at best or a calloused supporter of baby murders at worst.

Now that you took my quick jab, see if you can survive the “Ronda Rousey Roundhouse” that Walsh would do to you.

  1. Duggar Divulges

Josh Duggar was caught. He was found to be unfaithful to his wife. I bring this up because I have written in defense of him. At the time it involved actions of his youth. Now he confesses to current wrongdoings that were revealed.

This is disappointing and painful. Yet, it did not surprise God. Angela Sanders’ blog “When a Spiritual Leader Falls” is very relevant to this issue, and she wrote this prior to the news breaking on Josh Duggar.

I have no desire to blame. Instead, I want to overcome. And Christians are more equipped than anybody to overcome (John 16:33).

  1. Pray to get caught

Kelly King gave excellent advice to parents in her blog “The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Children This School Year.” Something that stood out in her list of ways to pray for children was this:

“Pray for your child to be caught when guilty. This isn’t always an easy prayer, but helping your child develop honesty and integrity throughout their education will result in adults who have character.”

This guidance is helpful to prevent future Josh Duggar situations. Let’s face it, all humans are susceptible to commit wrong. When they are younger and get away with it, regardless of how strong the parenting or how godly the environment may be, the confidence grows to sin again. As hard as it may be at that moment your child gets caught doing something wrong, consider it a blessing for the future.

  1. Parliamentarian switches to SBC

I read a great story this week about Barry McCarty, who has served as the parliamentarian at the last 29 Southern Baptist Convention annual meetings, becoming a Southern Baptist. I too was surprised that he wasn’t an SBCer already, despite his lengthy service.

However, I appreciated the reasons he gave to become a Southern Baptist. First, he said it was due to his agreement to the Baptist Faith & Message. Second, he said no one is speaking on the moral issues of the day with “more clarity or biblical integrity” as Southern Baptists. Third, he said no one is doing more to penetrate the lostness in this world than Southern Baptists.

As one who firmly supports the ministry work of Southern Baptist churches, I am grateful Barry McCarty has joined our ranks.

  1. Franklin Graham’s Good News Festival is here!

Do you have plans this weekend? If you do, would you consider cancelling them and joining me? That is, if you are in the Oklahoma City area or within driving distance.

I am serving as a volunteer counselor at The Good News Festival with Franklin Graham on Saturday at 7 p.m. and on Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. This is a free event and will feature many Christian artists including Michael W. Smith.

Earlier this week, Brian Hobbs interviewed Graham on a Messenger Insight podcast that you can listen to here.

But you are welcome to join me. I am even willing to meet you. Message me below or message me on my Facebook page, and we can work out the details.