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Dear Super Mom,

Right now you’re in the midst of dealing with terrible twos, girls have cooties, teenage angst or I can conquer the world on my own.  Please know as a woman who gets to eventually date those sons you’re raising I appreciate you and everything you do!

I love that you’re taking the time to teach him how to be a gentleman.  You show him how to open doors, clean up messes, do laundry and not make too many faces during a chick flick.  You take time to teach how to stretch your money and the difference between needs and wants.

You are modeling that a woman can be both strong and sensitive.  You show him that it’s okay to express your emotions and how to respond when a woman cries.

Thank you for demonstrating what hard work looks like.  You might think that he doesn’t see when you’ve had a long day, the house is a disaster and yet you still get everyone fed and in bed, but he sees all of that.   He witnesses when you bow your head in prayer and emulates your godly lifestyle.

When you take time out to ask him questions, pay attention and support him in his pursuits, essentially you are saying that he matters and you’re always going to be there.

Super Mom you are so proud of everything he does!  Thank you for being excited to share in his successes and support him in the failures. You let your son take chances.  You show him that trying something new, whether it is a triumph or disaster, is a desirable quality.  You take your son on adventures and make life fun.  He sits next to you at events and observes how you handle things.  He sees how you encourage others around you and will someday grow up to offer that same support to his family.

You think he doesn’t care that you take the time to be with him on occasions that matter. He might not say anything when you surprise him with treats and likely won’t appreciate when you ‘date’ him. However later in life his future girlfriend will reap the benefits of him being around his Super Mom!

Someday he will date and will take that same care with his girlfriend as you took with him. He will hold her when she cries at a chick flick, he will ask her questions and pay attention the same way you did throughout his life, he will be so very pleased to introduce his new girlfriend to you.  He will take pride in the hard work he does due to the work ethic you demonstrated.  You’ve shown him how to put others first and offer a helping hand to those around him.

As the girl that your son will date someday, I am so thankful that he has a Super Mom!

Very Sincerely,

The Future Girlfriend