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The infamous phrase we’ve all heard before “It’s part of God’s plan.” I use the term “infamous” primarily because we as Christians seem to hear or use that term when something bad has happened. When we lose a loved one, an accident occurs, a tornado strikes our neighborhood, or a fire takes our home. As words of encouragement we rely on the promise that God can use these occurrences for his glory. We tell each other “…It’s all part of God’s plan.” Which is true, even if we don’t want to hear it right away. Tough times occur, our focus instinctively shifts from “God’s plan” to “Man, this just stinks.” Hence, “infamous”.

Many times, as we learn to understand Scripture, it does not become relevant to our lives…until its relevant. Paul’s teaching to the church in Corinth (1 Cor. 15:12) describes Paul touching on the subject of the Gospel at its core – dealing with an apparent issue of doubting the resurrection of Christ. As we try to understand the relevance of the passage to our lives days, months, or even years go by. A co-worker or fellow believer brings up the same discussion, and we are able to apply what we’ve learned in 1 Corinthians. Then we are able to grasp the phrase “Not relevant until it’s relevant.”

Recently in the news, a massive company filed for bankruptcy, potentially costing hundreds of people their jobs. A large enough company that many employees considered it their career, and not just a job. Retirements, health coverage, savings, all at risk. Now, some of these employees will probably hear those infamous words “…It’s all part of God’s plan.” Not immediately soothing in a stressful situation, but Scripture tells us that it is none the less true. Here is the joy we are able to embrace…It’s all part of God’s plan!

No matter the choices we make, good or bad. No matter the economic climb or fall. No matter how many times the fault lies on others or ourselves. It IS God’s plan. You can take joy in the fact that none of this life is up to you to conquer. Whether we succeed or fall flat on our faces, it’s all part of God’s plan.

Salvation in Christ is not limited to what we can do for ourselves. Instinctively we try to fix things, thinking “Dude, I’ve read the meme’s on the internet. I can do anything because today is a new day.” The biggest and most destructive lie today is when we tell ourselves that we are capable of accomplishing anything based on our own self-worth. If that were true, what is the point of salvation? We can’t even go through life without making bad decisions, how are we then to be able to purify our own sins?

The next time someone you know, or don’t know, is going through a crisis; introduce a new meme-able phrase. The Truth that is the Gospel through salvation in Christ is our comfort, as Christians. When times get rough and the unthinkable happens, like losing your job to bankruptcy, the joy is in the overwhelming peace found in the phrase “It’s all part of God’s plan.”­­­