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Playboy recently released its “Freedom Issue,” a whole volume of essays, interviews and articles written with the purpose to discuss the current state of freedom in the United States.

Chelsea Handler, a comedienne with a B list Hollywood rating at best, contributed to the “Freedom Essays” portion of this publication with a piece titled “My Choice,” in which she discusses the topic of abortion.

What does she consider her choice to be? The choice to have two abortions within a year at the age of 16.

She claims she was a troubled youth with a hard family life. She admits the abortion wasn’t her idea but praises her parents for taking her and for “finally acting like parents” – as if taking your child to kill her own is a gallant and honorable act.

Chelsea later excuses her actions by proclaiming she would have become a bad parent. I assume this is an attempt to lead us in thinking hers was a merciful act.

After she confesses her personal tale, she proceeds to rant against Christians and efforts to repeal Roe v Wade, as if this would set America back. This woman actually thinks abortion rights protect women. She poorly tries to claim repealing Roe v Wade is akin to repealing the right to vote. The most ridiculous attempt at supporting the right to abortion is her comment, “If there is a God, I highly doubt he wants everybody to go through with their pregnancies.”

She wraps up this horrifically silly pursuit to tackle the serious topic of abortion by the trite assertion of “I’d love for someone to tell me what to do with my body. I dare you.”

The fact that the continued fallacy of claiming abortion involves the right of a woman to control her own body is still propelled shows how little abortion supporters truly understand what abortion entails physically. It is insulting to women to claim a woman cannot have control over her own body unless she has the right to kill her unborn child. What abortion supporters lack the most is facts.

And what we have lacked the most as Christians is to not let more pregnant 16-year-old girls know there are other options besides a life of parenthood or abortion. We cannot keep the celeb du jours from being ignorant mouth pieces for the pro-abortion lobby.

What we can do, though, is take proactive actions within our community to promote life. Support a crisis pregnancy center. Teach kids that abstinence is the only true birth control. We need to be supportive of families that are willing to foster or adopt babies by having more Christian programs willing to facilitate this process.

Let’s show pro-abortion supporters, like Chelsea Handler, that between the debate of freedoms for “right to abortion” and “right to life,” only one is an inalienable right.