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In February, I will have the adventure of a lifetime. Running 13.1 miles through the magical land that is Disney World. And although chilling with the Fairy Godmother, running through Cinderella’s Castle and high-fiving Mickey at the finish line is fun, there’s a lot of preparation that still needs to take place in the following months to get myself ready for the race.

As I train for this big race, I’ve been reminded of a few things about my walk with the Lord along the way.

1. Your strength is not your own. The same goes for my spiritual walk. As I spend time in the Word, I discover my need for a Savior that much more. I realize the lack of strength I personally have and have to seek my source of strength from God. I must strive to draw my might and power from Him and keep my focus on Him in order to continue the race set before me.

Growing up I was a ballet dancer, which meant running was never really my forte. Leaping and twirling, yes. But running not so much. As I train for a distance of 13.1 miles, it has become abundantly clear to me that my strength is quite lacking.

2. It takes consistency. Just like in training, it is important that I practice consistency in my daily walk with Jesus. As I spend time in His Word each day, I will grow and learn. I will discover a deeper intimacy with Jesus that only comes through seeking Him on a daily basis. To develop the kind of relationship with the Lord that I long for (the kind we see in the Scriptures), consistency is key.

I will never make it through an entire half marathon if I don’t consistently run in the months leading up to the race. It is crucial that I am consistent in my training and always seeking to improve as I gain endurance for the run.

3. You have to talk about it. As believers, we are commanded to “Go, therefore, and make disciples…” (Mt. 28:18) If we keep silent, how will we do this? We have to talk. We have to share. We have to use our words to spread the Gospel. The only way for us to produce fruit is to get out there and talk about our Jesus to those who don’t know Him.

A huge part of my race is the fact that I will be running for charity. As a Miracle Maker for Children’s Miracle Network, I not only have to train, but I also have to fundraise. To fundraise, I have to talk to others about my race and my passion behind the charity I’m supporting. If I kept silent, I wouldn’t raise any money.

As I train for my big (magical) race in February, I am constantly reminded of the bigger race set before me. The race that ends at the feet of Jesus Christ.