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I’m taking a different approach to Doyle’s Half Dozen this week. I decided to go “retro” and discuss six blogs that have been previously featured on WordSlingers. It’s hard for me to believe we have been “blogging with Jesus in mind” for more than four years, since 2013.

We’ve had some great contributors in this time, and many still are faithfully providing content. Some, because of other commitments, are no longer blogging for WordSlingers. For this week’s DHD I’ve comprised a blog collection that have been memorable to me over the four-year span.

They are in no significant order, and there are many other fantastic blogs featured on WordSlingers. Maybe this DHD will encourage you to peruse the website and find other blogs you have enjoyed reading. Please share a favorite or a few with me.

  1. The Best Way to Hurt a Woman

Brittney Brown worked on the Communications Team with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma for a few years and was on board when WordSlingers came into existence. She was a videographer just out of college, but she also had great writing talent with a good balance of being thought-provoking and having spiritual insight.

Her piece “The Best Way to Hurt a Woman” is one of the most-read articles on WordSlingers. With such a cringe-causing title, you could understand why it drew so many clicks. But Brittany offers a powerful conclusion, helping the reader understand where genuine beauty can be obtained.

  1. Does True Love Wait?

Another good one from Brittney. Check out “Does True Love Wait?” and find out Brittney’s take on this popular emphasis to encourage abstinence.

“…Christians shouldn’t have sex before they get married just because of consequences or because they want to do the right thing. If their hearts have been changed by Christ and they have become new people, then they leave old ways behind and out of gratitude to Christ for what he’s done for them, they don’t ever go back.”

  1. Brave, Party of One

Ashley Haupt was one of our original “mommy bloggers” with WordSlingers. She is another excellent writer who can paint great word pictures, helping the reader understand her exact situation of motherhood experiences. She decided, more than a year ago, she needed to commit more to her job as a teacher, along with caring for her family, and no longer writes for WordSlingers.

One of my personal favorites of Ashley’s blogs is “Brave, Party of One.” A tear formed as I just read it once again, as Ashley described her experience of her introverted daughter trying something new. Read it and see if you can’t envision being right there with her nervous child crying while hiding her face in Ashley’s shirt.

  1. A Disturbing Doctrine in Mormonism

Caleb Moore is one of WordSlinger’s newer contributors. He is a young pastor in Tulsa who has a great heart for social ministry. I think it comes from his dad Walker Moore, longtime columnist for the Baptist Messenger.

Caleb has experience of ministering to Mormons and former Mormons. In his blog “A Disturbing Doctrine in Mormonism,” he exposes a fallacy in the Mormon’s view of salvation after he attends a conference and hears a lecture from one of the leaders of the Mormon Church.

“I have studied their faith for years. I know it well. But it never fails to shock me and break my heart when I watch all these men, all wearing the same white shirts, agreeing with their apostle and prophet that the work of Jesus is simply not enough.”

  1. Why This Year’s Thunder Team is the Most ‘Oklahoman’ Yet

I couldn’t have a list of WordSlingers blogs without mentioning one of my favorites of all time. Ryan Smith has heard me gush more than once about the blog he wrote prior to the NBA season starting last November. Even now, as the regular season is nearing the home stretch, I still find encouragement when I read “Why This Year’s Thunder Team is the Most ‘Oklahoman’ Yet.”

Ryan has many great blogs on WordSlingers, and many share a more eternal message and offer a Christian worldview. But while I’m emotionally invested in watching this Thunder team overcome a heartbreaking decision last July 4, Ryan’s blog is an encouragement.

  1. A Message to Sarah Horn

I close the list with one of my own blogs, “A Message to Sarah Horn.” Here’s another that doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when I wrote it, but it was three and a half years when I treated my wife Karen on her birthday in seeing the musical “Wicked.”

You can read how my viewing of the Broadway hit stirred me to blog about what resulted, which was message to a young lady who had the opportunity to perform one of the songs from “Wicked” at the Hollywood Bowl. And what’s wild is, if you read in the comments below the blog, she actually responded to me. This was definitely one of the coolest highlights of my blogging experiences.