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I’m loving this Friday! The weather is calm and cooler for an August day. I’m excited about this week’s DHD topics. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Trevin talks on CT podcast

Trevin Wax did a recent interview on Christianity Today’s podcast The Calling. This is a good one, as the editor of The Gospel Project Bible study curriculum shares a lot about himself. I’ve said before, Trevin is a favorite blogger of mine, and I enjoy what he had to share.

I love his quote the podcast website pulled, “I can’t say I love the process of writing – I love what happens when I write.” It reflects my feelings about writing too, which you can read in my bio on the right.

Just a bit of a sneak preview, Trevin will be a guest on Messenger Insight in September, and Brian Hobbs is letting me guest host. I’m looking forward to letting him know his regular blog Trevin’s Seven inspired me to do Doyle’s Half Dozen.

  1. Top 10 songs at Falls Creek

Earlier this week, Michael Davis shared on WordSlingers the most popular song during the youth weeks at Falls Creek this summer. You can read his intriguing blog here.

After he submitted his blog to me, he sent a follow-up email with the Top 10 songs, based on frequently sung, during the eight weeks of camp at Falls Creek. As Michael shared, only the most popular was sung all eight weeks, but here’s his Top 10 that he researched, as Falls Creek’s multimedia coordinator (which means he was there for all 40 evening services, so he should know!):

  1. The Lion And The Lamb
  2. O Come To The Altar
  3. Alive
  4. How Great Thou Art
  5. This Is Amazing Grace
  6. Glorious Day
  7. Good Good Father
  8. In Christ Alone
  9. What A Beautiful Name
  10. Before The Brilliant Whiteness

I’m happy “In Christ Alone” made the list and not surprised “Good Good Father” and “What A Beautiful Name” are up there. You can’t go to too many modern worship services without hearing a Chris Tomlin tune or a Hillsong United current hit.

By the way, only a few worship bands do more than a week at Falls Creek, and all the bands did an excellent job connecting with campers in the services. One of my favorites was Mike Romero and his band. You can tell Mike enjoyed getting the campers to sing and worship. And I just read this week, according to Tim Challies, “The most successful worship leaders are the one who want to hear their congregations sing.”

  1. Caleb Moore’s talk and more on transgenderism

“My main concern is that they know the Gospel because the Gospel will transform everything else.”

Caleb Moore, one of WordSlingers’ featured bloggers, gave a very in-depth talk that he titled “Jesus and the Transgender Teenager.” This week he met with Brian Hobbs to record an upcoming Messenger Insight podcast and discuss his talk on transgenderism. It should be online in the coming days.

Moore’s talk is an hour long, but it is the most informative piece I have heard on the growing worldview on the transgender lifestyle. Every Christian would benefit from hearing Moore speak on this. Please check out the video below.

As I’ve shared previously, the Baptist Messenger ran a cover story “From Transgender to Transformed” that Hobbs wrote, and this story is being shared nationally. Baptist Press, the national news source for the Southern Baptist Convention, picked up this story on Laura Perry, who converted from her transgender male identity to a woman growing in her Christian faith.

This week, I was told Laura is making an appearance on the 700 Club to share her story. May God continue to bless the work Christ has done in her life and use her for His glory and Kingdom work.

  1. Good instruction for college freshmen

Many of my friends have been posting pictures of their kids going off to college for the first time. This is an exciting time for incoming freshmen. I remember my excitement and nervousness when I went 1,200 miles away for college for the first time.

Whether it’s 1,200 miles or a 45-minute drive, going through the transition of being a college student at 18 is one of the most significant stages of life. Major changes are happening with these young adults, including challenges increasing on their Christian faith.

Jon Payne’s article “Dear College Freshman: Five Ways to Stay Strong in the Lord” is a great source about this growing concern, as many 18-19-year-olds are leaving the Christian faith.

  1. DeYoung’s dethroning

Since I’ve shared one Gospel Coalition piece, here’s another. Check out Kevin DeYoung’s confession, “I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game of Thrones.” Though I found his writing style humorous, I know his point is serious.

I can say I haven’t seen an episode and don’t really find the show appealing. I know I’ll sound like a curmudgeon, but very few current TV shows seem interesting to me. I lost interest in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Person of Interest ended in a very disappointing fashion.

So, yes, I share DeYoung’s confusion.

  1. New WordSlingers blogger

Michael Foust’s new blog, a movie review, came out today (Aug. 11). He gives a great review on the newly released The Nut Job 2. You should check it out. One feature I really like is the list of discussion questions Foust poses relating to the movie.

Expect him to do more movie reviews for WordSlingers in the coming weeks.