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I’m back among the living! Last week, I did not produce a DHD as I was one of many recovering from the recent wave of Flu A. Believe it or not, it takes mental power to come up with my musings of six topics, and that flu bug zapped me from exerting such abilities.

Now that I’m healthy again, here’s this week’s DHD!

  1. Christmas reflections

Christmas was somewhat low-key this year. It was spent with family. Good food and great company. For precautions while still in recovery mode, I did not attend any church services, but I did observe a live stream webcast on my church meeting on Sunday morning.

It was a great sermon by my pastor on an unorthodox Christmas message – Mark 1:1, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus, the Son of God.” The message of Christmas in its simplicity.

  1. The Last Jedi – if only

I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi twice. I always go initially, so that when I watch the second time with Karen I can answer informatively whether or not a scene is going to be scary. After 10 years of marriage, I’ve learned that questions are always asked during movie watching, even though the questions and answers are usually the same:

“Is this scene scary?” “No”

“Is he going to die?” “Just watch”

Do you want to know what the major spoiler is for this year’s Star Wars movie? The major spoiler is… there IS NO MAJOR SPOILER. They are just building it up so you’d go see it.

Yes, I was disappointed. It was good at the beginning, but bad acting and liberal pacifist script writing took over after the first couple of scenes.

I loved Poe in the opener. His banter with pasty Imperial leader was great. It went downhill soon after.

Ray disappointed me big time, and I didn’t like the way they portrayed Luke either. Also, there were too many underdeveloped characters, two of whom were overpaid, I’m sure, because they are “popular Hollywood celebrities.”

I suggest watching Rogue One again. That movie well surpassed my expectations.

  1. Darkest Hour appears to shine

WordSlingers movie critic Michael Foust gives another good review. His latest one on The Darkest Hour increased my interest.

Foust intrigued me about the exchanges between Churchill and his secretary. I get the sense this will not be for those who don’t like heavy drama, but good acting and a good script are appealing to me.

  1. Messenger story second ‘most-read’ on BP’s 2017 list

Next week’s Baptist Messenger will feature the top stories in 2017, and among the list will be Laura Perry’s story “From transgendered to transformed.” The Bartlesville native also made national news, as her story was picked up by Baptist Press.

BP reported its top 10 “most-read” stories in 2017, and the newswire ranked Perry’s story as the second-most read of the year.

May God use this Gospel-centered story to impact many more people.

  1. The true message of marriage revealed

Jaclyn Parrish shares a powerful story in her piece “I married a same-sex attracted man. And I am blessed.”

It is too apparent how much marriage is under attack today, but among the confusion, misunderstandings and flat-out sinful interpretations, Parrish gives a bold message that is hard to miss.

“Every Christian wedding has declared war on the armies of darkness,” Parrish wrote. “And every Christian marriage has been an act of faith. Each one lives or dies by the decision to wake up each morning and believe, for one more day, that God’s plan for men and women truly is best. Our marriage is not unique in that respect.”

Let’s pray more people come to understand the Gospel through what marriage, in its truest sense, represents.

  1. What are you asking in 2018?

Scott Slayton gives a good list of questions we should ask, as the new year begins. These are not easy, but they are helpful. Check out “Nine Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for 2018.”

The questions don’t make you feel guilty. They are practical inquiries to help face what 2018 may bring while also growing in your relationship with God.

Happy New Year, DHD fans! I look forward to connecting with you regularly in 2018, a half dozen topics at a time!