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I get the feeling DHD readers are not in the mood for lengthy pieces. So I’ll be brief this week.
Here we go!

1. Remembering McCain

Senator John McCain died last weekend after battling cancer. The man was an amazing American war hero, and I do have great respect for how he served our country and stayed faithful and committed even as a prisoner of war.

Check out Joe Carter’s 5 Facts about John McCain. It’s a great tribute.

2. Importance of Overturning Abortion Laws

Andrew Walker is another great ERLC writer. This week, he wrote an article in response to Katelyn Beaty’s column emphasizing more support for women who struggle with the cost of having children rather than politics of ending abortion.

Check out Walker’s “Why we should work to overturn abortion laws.” I wholeheartedly agree with how he responded to Beaty, especially with the emphasis of how this should not be an either/or discussion, but rather emphasize both the care of the mother AND her baby.

“The idea that pro-life individuals are not prepared to care for pregnant women were Roe overturned is a distraction to the larger moral problem at hand. I do not know of a single church or a single Christian family that would not bend over backward to protect the dignity of both mother and child.”

3. Abortion issue in Okla. gubernatorial race

Speaking of abortion, I hope my fellow Oklahoma voters are informed when they vote in November. It’s now cut and dry, as far as who to vote for if Sanctity of Life is a major issue. For me, it’s the number one issue. As I’ve shared in past DHDs, I will not vote for any candidate who is not clearly Pro-life.

According to the Oklahoman, Kevin Stitt is against abortion, and Drew Edmondson would allow abortions.

Is this important to you?

4. Great reviews on ‘Operation Finale’

Speaking of valuing life, Operation Finale sounds like a winner of a movie. It debuts this weekend, and I’ve read two excellent reviews about the film.

Of course, WordSlingers’ entertainment writer Michael Foust gives a good report. By the way, if you are not a regular reader of Michael’s reviews, you should be. There have been times when Michael has convinced me to go see a movie.

Another review is by Brett McCracken who said Operation Finale makes a great argument for human dignity, even references imago Dei, that all humans are created in the image of God.

5. Tim Challies ‘3 Books That Have Impacted Me’

I appreciate Christian blogger Tim Challies, and I discovered the following YouTube video where he shares in a Q&A setting in England earlier this year three books that are important to him.

I’m also a fan of Jerry Bridges and have led many Bible studies using his book “Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts.”

6. Happy Labor Day

I end with wishing all readers a Happy Labor Day!

Baptist Press shared two articles under the appreciating theme of Labor Day. One is about Owen Cooper that last layman to serve as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The other is a tribute to four Christian leaders who labored well for the Lord.