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I took off last week from writing a Doyle’s Half Dozen because I was observing my duty as a 50-year-old and had a colonoscopy. Good news is I am cancer free, but they recommended having another procedure in two years. I continue to be educated in this process of aging.

But I’m back this week and ready to share six timely topics with you.

1. Planned Parenthood picks abortion over women’s care

The biggest news that opened this week was the decision by Planned Parenthood Federation of America to forfeit government revenue in order to remain the world’s largest abortion provider.

Baptist Press and other news sources reported Planned Parenthood will not abide by a new rule that prohibits federal funding through Title X, the federal governments’ family planning program, to organizations that performs, promotes or refers abortions.

This means Planned Parenthood will forfeit $50 to $60 million a year. According to Baptist Press, “PPFA and its affiliates collected $563.8 million in government grants and reimbursements in its latest financial year. The abortion giant performed more than 332,757 abortions during the most recent year for which statistics are available.”

As many respected pro-life leaders have pointed out, Planned Parenthood’s message of caring for women’s is a major smoke screen, and this latest decision proves it. Abortion is that organization’s main objective.

2. Pro-life progress under Trump

I have shared previously that I did not vote for Donald Trump in the last presidential elections because I was concerned how certain he was to make decisions respecting the Sanctity of Life.

I know there is much to be concerned about President Trump’s demeanor and his crass form of communicating, but when it comes to issues of abortion, appointing judges who appear to value the Sanctity of Life and making decisions to support the unborn, Trump has made more strides than many of his recent predecessors.

I am certain that any of his opponents in the 2020 elections would be harmful to the pro-life progress that has been made under the Trump administration.

3. Rummage returns to seminary, remains at OKC, Quail Springs

This is a breaking news item that I just read an hour ago. My pastor, Stephen Rummage, has joined the faculty of Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, Mo.

I read the headline off the Baptist Press news feed and became alarmed. Rummage was just named senior pastor at Oklahoma City, Quail Springs earlier this year. Fortunately, he will remain at Quail Springs.

To prevent others from having the same alarmed reaction, I quickly posted the story on and made sure the message of Rummage staying at Quail Springs was in the headline.

Pastor Rummage is an excellent preacher and have enjoyed the privilege of hearing him regularly speak. I know he has served on seminary faculties previously and know he will be a tremendous addition at Midwestern.

4. Words to avoid in sermons

Speaking of Midwestern Seminary, I read a great article this week by Jason K. Allen, Midwestern’s president. You should check out “5 Words to Avoid in Sermons.”

One word in particular that Allen mentions to avoid is “thing.” Recently, I noticed in writing as well how non-specific the word “thing” can be. “The more specific you are, the more compelling your ideas will be,” Allen wrote.

I want to be more creative in how I communicate.

5. Telling others about ‘Transgender to Transformed’

Laura Perry shares her story of being a transgender male for almost 10 years to now being transformed through her faith in Jesus Christ. Her book titled “Transgender to Transformed” was recently released.

She met with Brian Hobbs on the Messenger Insight podcast, and it’s an excellent interview that you should hear. It’s worth the 30-plus minutes.

Karen Kinnaird also wrote a review of Laura’s book.

I hope you will either listen to the podcast or read the review (or both) because Laura’s story is powerful and needs to be told to many who have been misguided and disillusioned by the LGBTQ philosophy.

6. Will gives a eulogy

Finally, I close with a bragging moment.

My 14-year-old nephew delivered the eulogy at his grandfather’s funeral this week. This was a significant moment for Will in his young life. He shared very eloquently how he felt about his grandfather, Jerry Reed, and those in attendance were captivated.

Will Doyle giving the eulogy at the funeral of his grandfather, Jerry Reed.
Will Doyle giving the eulogy at the funeral of his grandfather, Jerry Reed.

I don’t know many 14-year-olds who could have done what Will did. He shared passages of Scripture, including Philemon 7, and expounded well on the Apostle Paul’s brief letter.

Needless to say, I appreciate Will taking on a significant role of public speaking like he did and handled it masterfully.