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Not So Gentle Reminders to Trust

Not So Gentle Reminders to Trust

Picture this: broken-down car, it’s 31 degrees outside, no heat, no idea what’s wrong, all of the lights on the dashboard on, and just to top it off it’s snowing.  In the world of a single gal I did the only thing possible….I called my dad.

He’s trying to talk a rapidly getting anxious girl into figuring out where a fan belt is under the hood.  I didn’t even know my car had a fan belt.  I’m thumbing through the owner’s manual thinking that it certainly has to tell me options of what’s wrong.  All of a sudden there is that gentle reminder to trust God.

Trust is one of the hardest lessons for me to learn. I’m constantly having to ask for forgiveness because this independent female was bound and determined to do it herself.  Then as soon as I fail God gives me the reminder that  my failure could have been avoided if I had allowed the situation to happen on His timing and in His way.

How many times every day does God have to remind you to trust with a gentle, or not so gentle, reminder?